I am frustrated by the flurry of hiccuping revolutions I concoct and abandon. Exhilarated by the imagination of a personal overhaul, becoming the impossible super man promised by Insta and life hack self promoter, I lean into the expected excitement of the rediscovered version of me. This never comes to pass, though. Instead, I rediscover that change is hard and I value and defend comfort and leisure. I retreat to my old habits, deflated and embarrassed.

A few patterns I see: My plans for change lack direction or justification. They’re just whims that momentarily captivate me. They’re motivated by emotion and defeated by the same. It appears I am not in control of the ship. Momentary impulses change my course, and there’s no overarching structure to resist the impulses. There is a well tested technique to wrest control from the limbic system: Meditation.

In the past, Ive had a healthy meditation routine, and coincidence or not, those routines coincided with my most productive personal periods. The stability gained from the daily sacrifice of time will pay off in improved concentration and focus. My thoughts will be less scattered and I’ll be more aware and intentional, at least for those moments I’m able to sit and do it.

Here are the terms for success: For 30 days, meditate daily for 30 minutes, as soon as possible after brushing teeth.